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About Movingco
Moving and Shipment are the backbone of all business, household, and entire an economy. A high qualified experts and skilled people in transportation, moving and delivery have founded Movingco which is the trademark and brand of Weshipe company.
Why Movingco?
Moving and shipping are stressful and time consuming. Forget about talking to multiple movers, wasting your time and energy, and getting stressed out by asking friends and searching on the internet to get moving quotes. Booking your move or ship on Movingco is easy and saves you serious stress, time, and money! Just enter in your move or ship details once to get the best competitive prices from multiple moving companies. You can book your move at anytime and anywhere based on your move plan. If you book your move on Movingco, your move will be handled with professionalism and care.
• Movingco connects your moving and shipment needs with full-service with packing, unpacking and cleaning as well.
• We ensure you will get your moving and delivery done for the best possible price.
• Registered and authorized in Canada by the Federal and provincial government.
• Guaranteed customer satisfaction.
• Service providers and movers are certified.
• Secured by high qualified movers.

Certificate Number: BC1269238

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  • These Happy Days are yours
  • Why do we always come.
  • There ain't nothin' wrong with .
  • These Happy Days are yours
  • Why do we always come.
  • There ain't nothin' wrong with .

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